Fire Blanket Phippines
Fire Blanket Phippines
Fire Blanket Phippines


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This could save your life!

A fire blanket is a highly flame-resistant blanket that can be used to extinguish a small fire or to wrap around a person in case of a fire.

Fire blankets are made from 2 layers of woven glass fiber fabric and an inner layer of fire retardant film. They work by cutting off the oxygen supply to the fire. This item is now getting popular in the US.

It can also be used to wrap around your body and act as a heat shield.





1. Saves Lives
In the unfortunate event that someone catches fire, you can use a fire blanket to cover the area on fire. You can also use it to get out of a building that is on fire by covering your head. 

2. Puts out Electrical and Other Indoor Fire
A fire blanket is very effective in putting out electric and other fires. If you do not have time to reach out for a fire extinguisher, throwing a fire blanket over the flaming area can be as effective. By just placing a wool blanket over the fire, you cut off the oxygen supply and extinguish the fire.

3. Puts out Kitchen and Grease Fires
Most grease fires occur in the kitchen. Fire blankets are very handy to have in your kitchen. While buying fire blankets for your kitchen, look for those that are designed specifically for kitchen fire emergencies. 

4. Extinguishes Outdoor Fires
Another benefit of fire blankets is that they can put out outdoor fires. These blankets, however, should be large enough to cover burning areas. Most outdoor fires emanate from grills, candles or fire pits. Due to the generous availability of oxygen outdoors, fires can spread quickly. To prevent a fire from spreading too far too quickly, always have a fire blanket nearby, especially where grills, torches, and candles are lit. In case the flames start getting out of hand, throw a fire blanket on them immediately.

5. Protects Infants and Children
In case a fire breaks out where children are sleeping, one can wrap a fire blanket around a child or baby. Fire outbreaks claim too many lives of children and infants every year. To reduce the risk of harm to a child or infant, there are special fire blankets that retail in baby supply stores and at fire safety companies. One can also use fire-retardant blankets at daycare establishments to cover napping babies. 

It can be used for 

  • Condo and Airbnb Units
  • Hotel and Resorts
  • Home use
  • Restaurants
  • Kitchen
  • Camping
  • Grills

Size: 1 meter x 1 meter
Material: Glass Fiber cloth
Extinguishes both liquid and grease fire
Protect your family. Stops stovetop fires fast and is easy to use, safe, clean, and non-toxic.

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